Union County Vo Tech Education Association

April 2, 2012
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Having some issues with classroom temperature or indoor air quality?  (click on the link)


Want to become more politically active?
Join the LAT (Legislative Action Team).  See your President, Laura Burkhour if interested.


Quick Reference about Weingarten Rights and DYFS
NJEA3 001


Have AmeriHealth questions…
contact either Laura or Meghn from Brown & Brown Benefit Advisors at 973-994-9333 or contact Meghn via email at: mcarr@advisorsbb.com

*How to find an AmeriHealth NJ Provider:
Finding a doctor

*Form to contact your doctor to be part of AmeriHealth PPO or HMO:
Adding a doctor2

UCVTEA 14-17 contract

Still need volunteers to attend any Board of Education meetings…see your Building Rep if you are interested.


Job Postings– click on the links below to find out about recent job postings